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The Magic Forest

… I was walking trough a brilliantly illuminated wheat field, watching closely the motions of few winded yellowish waves which were lifting along that boundless ocean of wheat. It wasn’t an ordinary place to visit, just on the contrary – a place which as if had never been touched by a human hand or experienced by a human soul before… The only things I could hardly see and hear were dozens of tiny grasshoppers jumping happily aside my legs and a beautifully elaborated sparrow song coming from the far distance. That song attracted me; it made me curious to find out where it came from and how far it was…

The next moment… I felt mystified – there were no longer vestiges of the wheat ocean around me. I was located in a light green forest full of various trees, far away from civilization. I felt at the end of the world; I had the feeling of being mysteriously stuck between the imaginative realm of freedom and the brutal face of reality…

I stepped up and kept going towards unknown. I pondered whether I was dreaming one of those brilliantly elaborated dreams, but who could know? The forest was endless and the trees looked as if have always waited for their uninvited guest, for someone they were tend to obey… and I was there – in the middle of unknown. Among this strange environment I felt pure, powerful to change and … indeed UNreal.

It reigned an immense solitude, a puzzling silence besides the weak waft of the air and the duration of birds’ songs. Huge crystal green trees protruded all around; the rough terrain was not an obstacle to some lovely mushrooms to grow free; the sunrays were able to illuminate a big range of green areas causing the shadows stay apart; there were even a great deal of colourful strobiles scattered all over the pure ground. Suddenly, my eye caught a glimpse of a big, brown strobile which was stretching like a baby to his mother. I took the strobile and selfishly put it into my pocket, glad of the memory which would save.

The whole view was fascinating, amazing and all living things made me feel part of this internal atmosphere, not of civilization. Nobody could see me, nobody could hear me, nobody could experience the freedom I had. I realized at that moment that people were part of the world civilization, and I was not; that they were breathing air, and I was breathing power, they were feeding on food, and I was feeding on happiness, they were just living, and I was living eternally. Nothing could compare to those feelings I tried to save at that time, nothing and nothing only…

The next moment, I thought, was familiar – the usual opening of my eyes, the usual room, home, people. I said nothing …I was real and empty… I felt nothing, but hopelessness until all these familiar feelings were brutally interrupted by the elegance of that big brown strobile which was intact in my pocket….


August 13, 2010 - Posted by | Incredible Stories


  1. It’s an amazing story!
    So beautiful!

    Comment by Шлемовеец | August 17, 2010 | Reply

  2. Thank You Very Much :):):)

    Comment by ivo92 | August 17, 2010 | Reply

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