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Innocent Shopbreaking

One of my favourite quotes belongs to the American motivational speaker and best-selling author – Denis Waitley: “Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.”
There are some vivid moments in my life which are always commit to remember when I read this quote, which make me smile as soon as I remember them. These moments have the power to control my feelings, to “send for” the happiness when the dark side of the world is falling on me; they energize my emotions and send me back to the years of youth.

One such storey I will never forget belongs to the group of the vivid experience which is still lingering in my mind:

I was a small child and the story essence took place in my village – a small elegantly settled village near Dimitrovgrad. It was a hot summer afternoon when the disastrous rays of the sun were starting to faint and to lose its influence on sweltering people on the streets. It was about 8 p.m and it was time for the usual every-day hide-and-seek game that was an unalterable part of the children daily round. I was 8. As soon as the sun lost its powerful effect on us we got together in the middle of a big green lawn near my house and started to divide ourselves into separate teams. As it happened the game started…

The chaser was counting on a flight of stairs which separated a big shop-window from the pavement and a small tiny street in front of the shop. I knew a girl who could run really fast and nobody was able to leave her behind him. After some games which was filled with laugh and a lot of fun it was turn of the culmination game set. The girl I have just mentioned was the chaser. She started to count and it was time we all to find some unusual, but appropriate place to hide. After some time she stopped counting and started to walk around like a fox searching for its pray in order to see some of her scapegoats. Many of my friends tried to be in free, but nobody could get over the fast-running legs of this girls. I stayed quietly alone under a cross-parked car alongside the lawn and started searching for a way to get myself to the big shop-window. It caused a stir in my heart when we turned face to face and I saw her eyes which gave me a look of a brave runner. We rushed toward the flight of stairs in order one of us to get there first. We were running as hard as we can, but I realize that I had some kind of advantage to her, so this fact stimulated me more to get first to the place. I was running so fast that I couldn’t stop my legs and… …… …  I found myself into the shop.

I had first, but I had broken the shop-window and flew over straight into the shop. I got really frightened because that was my uncle’s shop and I didn’t know what his reaction would be… I couldn’t believe that I broke the window, but thanks to my luck I was unhurt. When I found myself into the shop I started crying, but as soon as I was aware of being unhurt I burst into laughter. However, my laughter didn’t last long until I got my punishment – a weak without a bike (it looked to me like a day without water)… it was alright.

…I think that the world will be better if each one of us have similar stories to share, if each one of us recall them more often than the negative ones, if each one of us tries to capture them forever…


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