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A bottle of water or what ?

Oscar Wild (16 October 1854 – 30 November 1900), a world-famous Irish writer and poet, has said that: Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing.

Experience is the “formula” which shapes and energizes my life-oriented behaviour. It is what makes people better by nature, living in not so better “by nature” a world; it is what has helped me become wise enough to appreciate it and what has prompted me not to repeat any mistakes in life.

In Oscar Wild’s short quotation is hidden not only a lot of sense, but a great experience as well. So, in my opinion, experience can have negative effect on people only if they are unable to get it for anything, or said in other words – if they are able to get it for nothing.

In this connection I will tell you one of the funniest moments I have experienced in my life. Unfortunately, I feel lack of creating a fully illustrated picture because I was a really small child and some of my memories have just gone away, but it’s a life-changing one, so it worths mentioning:

My family and I were on a visit to my grandparents’ house for a dinner. We were all gathered  together and it was time for the usual Saturday dinner. There was a noise of loud music, I remember, and they were all speaking, screaming and laughing at some topics that were yet stupid to me. To the best of my memory I was playing with a big “complicated” constructor and suddenly I felt the need to drink water because I felt as thirsty as an Arabian camel in the middle of a long trip through the Sahara. I scampered off immediately to the fridge where my grandmother usually kept the bottles of freshly cool water, and saw a 500 ml. bottle of mineral water in front of me…  Then, however, in a definite period of time the funny atmosphere in the sitting room was abruptly  interrupted by my voice of crying. My mother immediately rushed to the kitchen to see what was wrong with me and … unexpectedly… she saw that her little boy had drunk one third of the bottle full of freshly cool home-prepared brandy. I was crying because I felt as if my mouth was burning and I was just a small child who has never experienced before  such a bitter feeling in his life. It was a really comical  situation in terms of the others, but not so funny to me due to the fact I had taken the brandy for a real mineral water… funny, yeah?

Although it was a quite funny experience, I think that it has changed me in some way or another. I have never liked drinking alcohol in contrast to some of my friends who always drink at parties or often feel the need to get drunk as a lord at personal meetings …anyway. I have never felt that thirst and less – the thirst to smoke cigarettes – they can cause a severe health disturbance…

I am happy that I tried to experience the bad effect of the ethyl still at young age and proud of having grown wise enough to take care of my own health.


November 6, 2010 - Posted by | Experiences/Moral

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