Best Of Ourselves

Work Out Your Own Mind, Jack !

“Goodness is the only investment that never fails”

When I was smaller I spent a lot of time, especially during the long summer holiday, staying in my village and living with all those moments that have shaped me free, that have made me love the calm atmosphere and the specific harmony that the village devoted to its peasants. It was a great time, time that I will always remember and that would probably never come again, just like people can never enter the beautiful dream they had last night. It was a peaceful state of bliss, but we change and so do people, animals, places around us…

George Eliot : “What do we live for if it is not to make life less difficult for each other.”

… So, I begin my story with the quote of one of the most valuable English novelists in 19th century – George Eliot.

It was a hot summer day and all the members of my family had decided to get together and had lunch under the big sunshade in our comprehensive colorful garden. Of course, I couldn’t bear sitting on the chair all the time, so I decided to go out and take a walk with one of my friends. We got a ball and headed for a place resembling a stadium – a bushy, grass-overgrown place which children from the village played football and, even consciously unrealizing, they enjoyed the beautiful years they were trapped in at that age.

After some time when our desire for playing football was broken because of the beaming sunrays, we took the road back to our homes. While we were walking, I heard a loud woman voice, coming upward a ditch and we rushed to the place to see what was happening. We saw an old white-haired woman, about 80, who were screaming for help because one of her hens was fallen in a deep ditch and couldn’t get out. The poor hen was striving to jump, but the ditch was too deep to be jumped over because of the dense mud and sticky ooze from which were growing long bulging ferns. The old women sincerely asked me to help her and I couldn’t say anything but “Okay”; I consciously became aware of my duty- to help.  I got into the ditch which was about one meter deep and it looked as if it wasn’t a big problem to solve. I did think of nothing, but to help this old woman; I got down and stretched my hand to catch the hen, but it was moving really fast, it was jumping and crowing, so I realized that it was a hard task. One of my next attempts was accompanied with a raucous plopping into the water-ooze ditch. I was a small child; I remember, small enough to start crying like a baby. It was an unpleasant experience because I was all in mud, from head to toes. We went on our way to home and when I turned back to see the women – it was happy and smiling. There is nothing, I felt, happier than to make an old person happy, a person with deep and rich experience.

When I reached it I felt somewhat relieved, but my relief was interrupted again by the deafening laugh of my relatives …

There is nothing better to help people in need; there is nothing satisfying than to feel a real hero just for a moment.

I have recently read one of Yordan Yovkov’s greatest novels “Seraphim” – and I just felt like the main hero…


January 26, 2011 - Posted by | Experiences/Moral

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