Best Of Ourselves

Work Out Your Own Mind, Jack !


” Age is only a number, a cipher for the records. A man can’t retire his experience. He must use it. Experience achieves more with less energy and time.” Burnard Baruch

A quote that best describes my attitude towards “experience”

As taken by our own experience and history, you know, there are moments in life which cause positive influence on a person and ones which send him in the abyss of sorrow. We properly call these moments under the name of the word “experience” because they reflect our feelings, emotions and perceptions about life.

Experience, in my opinion, is a happening which shapes each person as an individual character, with different features, single memories and life philosophy. It is the basis of life, the prime paragraph of a human’s history; it’s like the first cry of a baby – inevitable condition of the human nature. Each action is a new experience because it can never be erased from the face of the Earth, even if a person strives to dig that experience in the depths of his self-conscious. We all live with our own actions, with our own experience; that’s why each one of us has his private stock of feelings, reminiscent memories and philosophical proofs about the human existence.

There are moments in life, however, which can never be forgotten. There are ones which can only stop ceaselessly lingering in our minds, but they stay there locked forever – intact unforgettable, alive… and, as Daniel Goleman’s says in one of his greatest books : “simultaneously recalled and instantly turned into emotions controlled by an anatomical part of the brainstem – the amygdale “.

As I mentioned above, experience makes each person unique of his nature. Let’s imagine for a while that we live in a world deprived of emotions, action or everyday happenings. Then, do you think that the world will be worth living? I don’t think so because we will look like 21st century highly-organized robots in the middle of nowhere; we will not have that basis and natural incentive to start living. How could humans then live as both – artificial robots and breathing creatures? I deem that a person is not born on this world just to live, but to make sense of that living (sounds like a cliché, but it’s true). We enter in a kind of paradox, however, which proves that the only possibility for a person to build the basis of his emotions and feelings is his experience and again as Goleman’s says “the emotional intelligence”.

That’s one of the reasons which make me believe that a person is both – valuable in the essence of Universe and unique of the Mather nature. My perceptions about the meaning of the word “experience” have prompted me to write down all my experience in the “funny/ edifying stories” category. The mere fact I share them with the mass of people means that I am neither afraid of my life history, nor am I a slave of my own existence.


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