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The “magic” stream of Cleopatra


These waters are so-called “the magic stream of Cleopatra” (Pamukkale, Turkey) because an ancient legend uncovers the secret of the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt who loved to bathe in these waters in the ancient past BC. Furthermore, the legend says that when a person bathes in this stream he can feel unusual ten-year rejuvenation on him by the time goes by.

All that myth sounded extremely interesting heard by the words of our male guide. I couldn’t believe I was standing in front of the BC history, nor I was completely able to believe in his words. I was just looking how people enjoyed swimming in the river; how they seemed to believe and hope in that ancient legend they were exposed to. Although the river was dirty and unpleasant at some spots people were swimming and laughing as if they could deeply breathe the air and feel that ancient atmosphere.

Here comes the question of money. Of course, as every other world-famous destination, each person should pay an entrance fee before he could take a bite of that great experience. The entrance fee was 10 euro and guess – no one did it. A lot of people in our group, however, thought it was an effing dispensability to pay this fee because nobody apparently believed in miracles. This is exactly what I think is wrong with us – our dispensability to believe in miracles, to hope, to dream big…  It is not worth paying 10 euro to take a bath in the “stream of Cleopatra” only, but it is worth paying this money to believe that these waters have a magical power to change destiny.

      …we exist when we hope…


June 7, 2011 - Posted by | My Photos

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  1. Yes! The belief in miracles – very few possess it, whereas, when you think about it, everything in the world is a miracle, from the miraculous “empty space” which binds electrons and protons in the core of atom to the existence of life.

    Also, Ivo, it might not be that our friends didn’t believe in miracles. Perhaps, they thought the legend about the magic stream was fake, conceived to attract people from all over the world, and didn’t want to be part of the millions of tourists Turkey “boasts” of every year 😉

    Comment by Vlad | June 7, 2011 | Reply

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