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Work Out Your Own Mind, Jack !

A Blink of Sublimity

…Up, down, up and down…  I feel the vehemence burning in my heart. Flames of power and motivation speed the rhythm up. My muscles burn and thrills of energy slide through my bloody-violet veins. I look straight up into the white skies feeling the immortality of nature and the essence of reality. These feelings energize my goal-oriented behavour and motivate me to get stronger both physically and spiritually.

“I could see myself flying, like an eagle, observing worlds from above.  Thousands of disparate people, having disparate aims, were looking at me hesitatingly. Some of them wanted to shoot me and I could clearly see them full of effing* evil.  The world neither seemed affable nor did it actually was.  Others, however, dared to put their guns down and see the world from another perspective – a better perspective.  But they were all merged in a common endeavour – the purpose of getting rich. At that moment, however, I couldn’t imagine being rich, getting down there instead of having the agility to fly high in the skies. “

… Up, down, up and down… the process of doing pull-ups had already turned into a deep contemplation on reality. But did all this stuff matter or worth thinking of when I could reach the sublimity to control my energy, the opportunity to set my mind free and the ability to motivate my own passion?

I stopped thinking about reality and concentrated on my physical outfit, my mental outfit.


Then… up and down, up and down… until my breath was completely over….

The geat blessing of mankind are within us and within our reach; but we shut our eyes, and like people in the dark, we fall foul upon the very thing we search for, without finding it.


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…I had the power to fly in the endless crystal blue skies and I could also reach one of those tiny puffy clouds which were lightly flittering in our great Kingdom of Heaven. These were wonderful feelings because I felt like a bird, I felt like a truly free man who is far away from the evil and very close to the sublimity…

However, these great feelings I managed to experience that night were only part of a usual dream – they weren’t real, though all that seemed to me a reflection of my reality. Unfortunately, such great feelings have just been lingering over my mind for a definite period of time before soon I was aware of being awoken by a heavy rainfall, by thousands of dazzling flashes of lightning and so many of  those deafening crashes of thunder that I felt scared to close my eyes again… I jumped from the bed quickly and watched my phone – it was 5 in the morning, 13/08/2008. There was no sign of the peeping sun out of the sea horizon and the rain was still pouring heavily over the boundless arms of the Black Sea.

The slashing rain started subsequently to calm down and soon there set in a silent atmosphere, a deep solitude with no sign of storming at all. I decided to take a walk to the near beach in order to fresh myself with a brief jogging along the North Coast…I dressed a white silky T-shirt, put on my sports trainers and headed down in a hurry to the North Beach.

… It reigned an amazing solitude and I felt like a dweller of a new world-better world; there was nobody there except for some tiny zigzagging crabs which were probably looking for what flesh has left on the rocks the night before… I started crossing slowly; my muscles trembled wavy and I felt as if my body managed to swallow all the power in the world… it was fantastic experience.

Not long after my breath started to heavily deepen I could see a little black spot in the far distance… I rushed down quickly and what I observed made my heart immediately smash – there was a small coloured pigeon which was an innocent victim of the storm and was lying on the coast helplessly…the treacherous waves were drifting and smashing on the seacoast as if they wanted to swallow it, to free the bird from its agony, from its present suffering… it was bleeding and snorting deeply; its puffy wings flittered rapidly from time to time and its body wriggling…  It wasn’t, however, prepared for worst to happen– it wanted to live, it wanted to be free  like me in my dream, so I had no other option except to wrap it up and take it at home.

…I named the pigeon “Liberto” because I knew that some day it could fly again, it could get back in its own Kingdom of Heaven, it could feel alive as I felt alive that nigh, it could reach the sublimity in the skies as I could reach the evil on the Earth.

… After a month of recovery Liberto was free again…

“… I had the power to fly in the endless crystal blue skies and I could also reach…… in our Kingdom of Heaven “ I felt as if I have already experienced such a beautiful dream. I got up quickly and had a cup of fresh orange juice. Then, I walked to the terrace and … there was a big coloured pigeon feather… I watched my phone… the date was displayed on it-13/08/2009…The only thought that came to my mind was: ”Liberto!?!”

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The Magic Forest

… I was walking trough a brilliantly illuminated wheat field, watching closely the motions of few winded yellowish waves which were lifting along that boundless ocean of wheat. It wasn’t an ordinary place to visit, just on the contrary – a place which as if had never been touched by a human hand or experienced by a human soul before… The only things I could hardly see and hear were dozens of tiny grasshoppers jumping happily aside my legs and a beautifully elaborated sparrow song coming from the far distance. That song attracted me; it made me curious to find out where it came from and how far it was…

The next moment… I felt mystified – there were no longer vestiges of the wheat ocean around me. I was located in a light green forest full of various trees, far away from civilization. I felt at the end of the world; I had the feeling of being mysteriously stuck between the imaginative realm of freedom and the brutal face of reality…

I stepped up and kept going towards unknown. I pondered whether I was dreaming one of those brilliantly elaborated dreams, but who could know? The forest was endless and the trees looked as if have always waited for their uninvited guest, for someone they were tend to obey… and I was there – in the middle of unknown. Among this strange environment I felt pure, powerful to change and … indeed UNreal.

It reigned an immense solitude, a puzzling silence besides the weak waft of the air and the duration of birds’ songs. Huge crystal green trees protruded all around; the rough terrain was not an obstacle to some lovely mushrooms to grow free; the sunrays were able to illuminate a big range of green areas causing the shadows stay apart; there were even a great deal of colourful strobiles scattered all over the pure ground. Suddenly, my eye caught a glimpse of a big, brown strobile which was stretching like a baby to his mother. I took the strobile and selfishly put it into my pocket, glad of the memory which would save.

The whole view was fascinating, amazing and all living things made me feel part of this internal atmosphere, not of civilization. Nobody could see me, nobody could hear me, nobody could experience the freedom I had. I realized at that moment that people were part of the world civilization, and I was not; that they were breathing air, and I was breathing power, they were feeding on food, and I was feeding on happiness, they were just living, and I was living eternally. Nothing could compare to those feelings I tried to save at that time, nothing and nothing only…

The next moment, I thought, was familiar – the usual opening of my eyes, the usual room, home, people. I said nothing …I was real and empty… I felt nothing, but hopelessness until all these familiar feelings were brutally interrupted by the elegance of that big brown strobile which was intact in my pocket….

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“A Walk To Remember”

… And suddenly my day started off. I managed to barely catch the bristling rays of the sunlight which fully penetrated the room through a huge crystal window on the wall. I smelled the warm summer breeze which was staying in my room all the night; I was exposed to that feeling of breathing fresh air, air, gently pouring over my face. I suddenly became aware of being awaken …; I was lying in my bed eagerly to meet the opportunities of the new day…

I felt it was not another ordinary day, though. I got up quickly and walked to the bathroom as always. At this moment I looked myself at the mirror, I was… as if… somewhat different. The usual little form of my eyes was changed into new, bigger one. I was wandering what was going on. Was I dreaming or all that strangeness was real? … That was a question which I still couldn’t find the right answer. Anyway, this was not of so big an importance at that time. The thing that was worrying me most was my eyes. These eyes, I think, wanted to tell me something, but I was unable enough to receive their message. They were trembling, speaking and giving their still strange message to me. These eyes were not full of fear, indecision and hesitation for the future as usual; I felt them as  being both – a beam of hope and a sparkle of inspiration. Were they windows to my soul, to my feelings? Yes, they were. They definitely were because they reflected all seen, all heard and all experienced in life. A lot of feelings such as fears, desires, worrying, love and happiness fused in my mind.  However, I was still asking myself whether they had the power to mislead me or even lie me?

I was full of expectations what was going to happen next. Would they take the usual form of small and powerless ovals or they would vigorously grow again and give their message. I wanted to find the answer… and… I think I did it… The explanation is that they wanted to inspire me; the mystery was revealed. Their wishes aimed at giving me a great courage, a courage which was telling me to dream, a courage which would certainly help me make my dreams come true… I felt great… I felt as if I had the power to do wonders with my life, with my dreams, with me… with myself. I had the power to surmount difficulties; I had now the power to change the world, to spot my life in the future… It was great…

And so I got the mystery… I found the meaning of my dreams… my eyes didn’t mislead me … The mirror is still unbroken.

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