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” Age is only a number, a cipher for the records. A man can’t retire his experience. He must use it. Experience achieves more with less energy and time.” Burnard Baruch

A quote that best describes my attitude towards “experience”

As taken by our own experience and history, you know, there are moments in life which cause positive influence on a person and ones which send him in the abyss of sorrow. We properly call these moments under the name of the word “experience” because they reflect our feelings, emotions and perceptions about life.

Experience, in my opinion, is a happening which shapes each person as an individual character, with different features, single memories and life philosophy. It is the basis of life, the prime paragraph of a human’s history; it’s like the first cry of a baby – inevitable condition of the human nature. Each action is a new experience because it can never be erased from the face of the Earth, even if a person strives to dig that experience in the depths of his self-conscious. We all live with our own actions, with our own experience; that’s why each one of us has his private stock of feelings, reminiscent memories and philosophical proofs about the human existence.

There are moments in life, however, which can never be forgotten. There are ones which can only stop ceaselessly lingering in our minds, but they stay there locked forever – intact unforgettable, alive… and, as Daniel Goleman’s says in one of his greatest books : “simultaneously recalled and instantly turned into emotions controlled by an anatomical part of the brainstem – the amygdale “.

As I mentioned above, experience makes each person unique of his nature. Let’s imagine for a while that we live in a world deprived of emotions, action or everyday happenings. Then, do you think that the world will be worth living? I don’t think so because we will look like 21st century highly-organized robots in the middle of nowhere; we will not have that basis and natural incentive to start living. How could humans then live as both – artificial robots and breathing creatures? I deem that a person is not born on this world just to live, but to make sense of that living (sounds like a cliché, but it’s true). We enter in a kind of paradox, however, which proves that the only possibility for a person to build the basis of his emotions and feelings is his experience and again as Goleman’s says “the emotional intelligence”.

That’s one of the reasons which make me believe that a person is both – valuable in the essence of Universe and unique of the Mather nature. My perceptions about the meaning of the word “experience” have prompted me to write down all my experience in the “funny/ edifying stories” category. The mere fact I share them with the mass of people means that I am neither afraid of my life history, nor am I a slave of my own existence.


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Life in the 22nd century

The limits of possible:

What would human life look like in the 22nd century? Whether human existence will unexpectedly undergo a complete or a partial change and, if so, to what extend it is going to influence on humankind of that time? How life and customs of people will alter and in what direction they are going to – positive or negative?

There have certainly been number of moments in which each one of us has asked such questions and these questions have provoked him to deeply think, to brilliantly imagine life on Earth in approximately 90 years. They have made him think of the structure of countries, social processes, culture and values of people, innovative technologies and so; therefore, that person has been forced to ruminate over whether on our planet will be created a new life, different from the present-day, a perfect and full of wonderful moments life or… life peculiar to evil and negative expectations for our destiny. Of course, no one could certainly predict with a 100% accuracy the future so far in time; however, tracing the present-day technologies, the development of the human cultural, moral standards and beliefs can partially create a perfect picture in human imagination.

The onset of change:

If the material world of people in the 21st century looks like a sophisticatedly-organized organism with all its functions and vital processes, then, life in almost a century will be put under a complete metamorphosis and will look like a system of organs which fill the existence (body) of ordinary men.

On the first place, perhaps, I should mention the development of the nowadays technologies and their progress in all scientific fields. Undoubtedly, specific application in life will take place the “computer-modified organism” or so-called robots. Our luxuries and everyday needs will be easily satisfied by the help of those “live” machines which tend to obey each order of their masters.

An important step will be made in technical-transport machinery with the invention of a water-fuelled engine. That will be one of the biggest inventions among humankind which will probably be accepted with a great dozen of negativism by the different countries. It means, however, that the price of water will probably rise and all these innovations will contribute to development of high-technology machines, stronger satellite connections and light-propelled spaceships which will have a complete physical power to fully investigate some forms of extraterrestrial life on other planets. Visits and highly paid excursions to those planets, mostly to the Moon, will drastically increase and some well-off people will have the full opportunity to take a look of some places yet untouched by the human arm.

When a huge progress in the high-modern technologies finally takes place, then, it will positively influence on creating effective immune drugs into the field of medicine. The fact that we are on the verge of synthesizing successful anti-cancer drugs makes me think that in 100 years there will certainly have such a progress and successfully synthesized medicaments which will undoubtedly have the right formulas to improve the most destructive illnesses in the world; these innovations will drastically improve the “demographic boom” of these incurable 21-century deceases.

In my opinion, with the development of the future high-quality technologies and the ultra-powerful machinery a huge step toward drastic change will be made in verbal and educational culture of folks. Unfortunately, a big number of little-spoken languages and linguistic communities will undergo a significant drop, some of which will become completely extinct. A lot of refined skills and useful features give opportunity to myriad species to survive in different environments, thus, the need of linguistic variety fully supports this argument. In my opinion, the existence of every single language enriches the social history of communities and a big part of its cultural identity; it strengthens the abundant number of knowledge and interests about life of other nations. English will predominate in terms of every linguistic initiative and each one of us will have the opportunity to speak, write, read, listen or use English as a means of massive communication. Thanks to the future high-modern technologies, not only little spoken languages will become instinct, but also a lot of new will also appear which will become a precondition for the creation of new social communities. Moreover, people then will have the needed mental, physical and technological abilities for an ultra-rapid modernization of the present-day languages which will totally reverse the usual standard of living that people now know.

Finally, here comes the philosophical question “What changes will assume people’s minds, way of thinking, values and moral standard during the 22nd-century society. Every one of us is clearly aware of the fact that a lot of countries nowadays have begun slowly to fall into a severe political, economical and social crisis. This crisis finds expression in already mature social and inter-political conflicts in all areas of institutional governments. Our standards and moral values will drastically change and, unfortunately, will turn into a common aim – a tendency for easy enrichment and fast-speed profiteering; and once happened, the spiritual and aesthetic culture of the present-day Homo sapiens will be stricken by the material world – a familiar norm of thinking to people nowadays which gives us nothing, but a lack of common faith to support us during the years. The process of cultural and intellectual decline has developed its steady mechanism with the men’s entering in the 21st-century postmodern culture. At present, such a similar habit is perceived as a vice. Indeed, however, do you want to know why people nowadays can find a lot of blind statues and eyeless monuments in all sides of the world ? The truth is hidden beyond the sense that when a certain sculpture has two eyes, it can watch whenever she wishes. However, when it has one eye only, that means its look is directed wherever it has been ordered  to craving for domination, authority and government. Corruption, personal domination, power as well as oblivion in our traditions and values have threatened human existence. The 22nd century will be on the verge of full intellectual forgetfulness, but it will be strong enough to surmount the forthcoming evil through its physical and psychological strength…

What is wrong with change?

Here is the reason for the ceaseless attempts and subsequent failures: like most intelligent animals, people behave the way that they think it’s appropriate to. That’s wrong… Likewise, these people think it’s alright because they have been indoctrinate with that idea of thinking so and behaving that way. And if they suggest that human being is the God of the Mother of the Earth mainland, then, this suggestion is the God of human. Therefore, who chooses which suggestions to be visible to people and which to be hidden? God or some other extraterrestrial power? Well, actually, faith in God was that force, which has been supporting peoples in hard years of wars, natural disaster or upheavals. I don’t say that I belief in God as a  High Power which takes care of all humankind and expiate people’s sins whenever they pray in church on a Sunday morning – no. I think and can openly say that I BELIEVE IN GOD, but not in that “most-famous” God who I mentioned above and who demands from us to pray forgiveness. I believe in the conception that God is centered in me – in my heart and my soul. For example, every time when I want to absolve my sins or just to ask for a help, I can search for that God who live in me, for that Heavenly Father who controls my actions, thought and faith. God lives in each human’s soul; it’s not the most essential thing God to exist in those endless white Heavens with thousand of angels around him who have the pure mission to ceaselessly guard our lives. The most important thing is to believe to ourselves, to find out how to control or ask for a help these High Powers (God and angels) who exist in our hearts, minds and souls.

I think, however, that it’s quite possible the lack of moral values and fast-growing 21st technologies to affect people’s unaware beliefs or worse – fully to destroy them. Without any beliefs, however, humans will build excellently equipped and precisely armed forces for control over the nature. That’s the next thing we should carefully think of – the control over Mother Nature. There may be created ultra-powerful weapons of fast destruction of the Earth; hence, all world nations will have the courage to use their technical and physical opportunity to create and develop nuclear weapons much more powerful than those presently known as the A-bomb (Atomic bomb), the H-bomb (Hydrogen bomb) or the boosted fission weapon, all of them have been responsible for a high-speed destruction and a radioactive contamination… If these likely forthcoming dangers are not prevented on time, huge areas of vegetation may be destroyed. Where once have had thousands of evergreen trees will have only dry-topped ones unable to the producers of life anymore… I want to add something here: there are two more episodes of creating the whole picture which I can’t fully understand and explain – these are the time of cold and the time of heat. My minds hints me that these extreme periods will not last long or, otherwise, nothing on this planet will be left alive. Cold refers to the eclipse of the solar system and heat, on its hand, to the global worming and severe ozone depletion. However, if all that happens, then, what would be the thing to protect and support humankind?; what will they be tending to believe in?; who will they lean against and pray?… God? … I don’t think so. A big part of people will have already erased its belief in God which has been keeping it since ancient times. With every passing year belief in God will diminish, hence, leading to discard of national traditions and customs. On the other hand, this anarchy will cause pains and discord in human existence…All these probable times of troubles will undoubtedly lead to separation of nations in different social structures. Yes, but the need of mutual support and belief in their own “Gods” will make people unite and inspire confidence and hope in their hearts to seek for a positive outlook.

Will that be our reality?

The mechanical division between different social classes, the obsession for supreme power and authority will get partially wiped out by the need of a common ideal – a valuable existence. Unfortunately, I fear that in the 22nd century people won’t be able of any change. They will go on developing more and more, will go on living with the same value they believe in, will have the real opportunity to moral and physical recover, but they will choose the destiny of their own predetermination, will go on living in the reality of their human existence, full of motivation to develop, master and control our planet…

..I hope what I mentioned above will never come to the surface and will always stay locked in this text…


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