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Importance of Being Healthy

When that cool, sparklingly white “medical picture” grabs your eye, you probably think I‘m going to muse over the health situation in my county. No, because everybody can see it, but another question is that a few of us can truly realize it. Health institution in my country looks like a huge business combination of smaller conglomerate organizations with its tycoons and employees.  It has its fatal medical errors made for the sake of money (here comes the moment to invite you to watch one of my favorite movies – „Awake“ ) and those Dr. House-like TV serials which motivate people by drawing an imaginative picture of how responsible and dedicated physicians should be in fact. So, on psychological basis, the abovementioned  “medical picture” creates in our imaginations an apparently delusive idea of so-called „perfect  medicine“.  There is no need for you to clearly understand what the medical situation in Bulgaria is, wheather it is perfectly good or not, but it is utterly essential to have realized how much the importance of being healthy means.

Yet well-known mysterious „summer virus“ which causes symptos of extremely high temperature, headache and dizziness gave its influence on me some days ago.  It was an awful experience not only because I was deprived of my every-day street fitness training and jogging, but also because I had already taken a lot of drugs and undergone something even more dangerous that I‘m going to tell you in the second paragraph.  I often dream about one of my favorite cars – Chevrolet Camaro or about luxurious vacation in Caribbean Islands, good college experience or excellent education.  At that very moment, however, I didn’t dream about such superficial things because nothing was more important to me than being happy and healthy.” Could I drive my fancy Chevrolet Cabrio if I was not in a good healthy condition?” or “Could I fully enjoy the crystal-blue waves of Caribbean Sea and the amazing huge palms of Caribbean beaches?”. “What could I feel of life if I was stuck in a wheel-chair till the end of it or what if I was deadly ill?”. These were the same questions I asked myself in that very moment because the essence of health is what let us be successful, happy, funny, dreamy, even angry or frustrated. It is what makes us alive, actually.

I had problems with my right toe for more than a year.  My nail started to grow sidewards sticking into the flesh and causing me a great sharp pain every time it touches something.  I overlooked this situation of mine and  ignored all the dangers I could have been exposed to later.  I took up a potassium permanaganate treatment which was followed by a frequent procedure of bandages of ichthyol and revanol. I whole-heartedly BELIEVED my toe would soon be fine, but it didn‘t work.  Yet,  I had much time to believe and believe,  and … believe.

I lot of time and pain passed away until I got disappointed to find out that it is not only the magic of belief as far as health concerns , but the combination of both – belief and medical help. Perhaps,  I am wrong – it might have just happened to me not trully to believe in that magical cure called belief.  Here comes the moment, however, to say that I strongly support the supernatural idea of the power of attraction which scientists are working on to prove its subconscious effects on human mind – the more positive we think and believe ,  the greater influence its power of attraction has on us … and vice versa.

This is not the clue, however, because my nail was urgently cut sideway and the swollen flash – surgically removed.  Although I theoretically knew lot aspects of neurology,  I had never before been under anaesthesia and I had no explanation of how could just a simple injection be so powerful to “freeze” all receptor cells in a local area so that a person cannot even feel the touch of the surgeon.  Yes, I didn’t believe because I had no experience of any previous operation,  but then the right moment suddenly came – three about-5-centimeters-long injections were stuck into the injured local area –that was the only pain of the whole operation.  It wasn‘t actually so frightening because the doctor was a real guy.

Before that medical intervention, however, I really believed that the pain would fade away,  but I took no action to prevent any further medical complications.  There is a big difference, you know, between what we believe and what we want to believe.  I believed my infection wouldn‘t recover without a medical intervention, but I wanted to believe it soon be magically cured.

No matter what I believed in or what I wanted to believe in … it is important that I believed, hoped and took a moral. It is essential that I‘m healthy now.


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Human Superiority Might Be An Evolutional Fault

Charles Robert Darwin (12 February 1809 – 19 April 1882) is the first man ever who seriously put into severe debates the question about the evolution of humans and animals which, you know, resulted from a process that he called natural selection.  Darwin spent most of his life studying the different stages of their development, the usual mental and physical signs that distinguished them from each other and the special features in their behavior. In fact, Darwin’s unique scientific theory of the evolutional process of organisms hides much deeper questions in human mind that you can even imagine.  His plausible theory makes me sometimes contemplate over the following:

“Is humankind the only predominating breed in our planet?” and “Whether this breed is superior to all of the rest? “

At first, obviously – yes. People, however, often subconsciously show that it’s unfounded of them to pretend being more precious, kinder or more superior to animals, for example, except for their ability to reasonably speak and communicate.  We all too often become victims of our own egotism. I mean we often think we have the right to whop, hurt, fight or kill someone else without a reason. Do you think we have the right to destroy because of the fact we think we are “predominators”? Who are we to kill a living soul, a living creature, a child of some mother?” Who am I to judge?” and even “Who is the judge to judge?” Isn’t he a person, too? But, yes, yes, yes… this is a country which has lows; this is an authority which has rights and so… I know that and I also know it is the only way to keep things in order.  But something has to change, something which can make us a better breed.  Don’t believe me? – watch The experiment (2010)movie.


The abovementioned theory of natural selection is the process by which genetic mutations that enhance reproduction become and remain, more common in successive generations of a population.  These creatures have better genes to survive in the wild and adjust to unfavourable conditions.  They have the right to kill, to fight because they have to survive. They don’t vie with each other for money or drugs; they neither steal cars nor do they commit a crime for a handful of jewelry.

 Then, again, Why the hell* are we  better and more superior to other animals on that planet?  Or all

 this is our vindication that human superiority might be an evolutional fault ?

…let’s try to be humans…

“The real and lasting victories are those of peace, and not of war.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

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” Age is only a number, a cipher for the records. A man can’t retire his experience. He must use it. Experience achieves more with less energy and time.” Burnard Baruch

A quote that best describes my attitude towards “experience”

As taken by our own experience and history, you know, there are moments in life which cause positive influence on a person and ones which send him in the abyss of sorrow. We properly call these moments under the name of the word “experience” because they reflect our feelings, emotions and perceptions about life.

Experience, in my opinion, is a happening which shapes each person as an individual character, with different features, single memories and life philosophy. It is the basis of life, the prime paragraph of a human’s history; it’s like the first cry of a baby – inevitable condition of the human nature. Each action is a new experience because it can never be erased from the face of the Earth, even if a person strives to dig that experience in the depths of his self-conscious. We all live with our own actions, with our own experience; that’s why each one of us has his private stock of feelings, reminiscent memories and philosophical proofs about the human existence.

There are moments in life, however, which can never be forgotten. There are ones which can only stop ceaselessly lingering in our minds, but they stay there locked forever – intact unforgettable, alive… and, as Daniel Goleman’s says in one of his greatest books : “simultaneously recalled and instantly turned into emotions controlled by an anatomical part of the brainstem – the amygdale “.

As I mentioned above, experience makes each person unique of his nature. Let’s imagine for a while that we live in a world deprived of emotions, action or everyday happenings. Then, do you think that the world will be worth living? I don’t think so because we will look like 21st century highly-organized robots in the middle of nowhere; we will not have that basis and natural incentive to start living. How could humans then live as both – artificial robots and breathing creatures? I deem that a person is not born on this world just to live, but to make sense of that living (sounds like a cliché, but it’s true). We enter in a kind of paradox, however, which proves that the only possibility for a person to build the basis of his emotions and feelings is his experience and again as Goleman’s says “the emotional intelligence”.

That’s one of the reasons which make me believe that a person is both – valuable in the essence of Universe and unique of the Mather nature. My perceptions about the meaning of the word “experience” have prompted me to write down all my experience in the “funny/ edifying stories” category. The mere fact I share them with the mass of people means that I am neither afraid of my life history, nor am I a slave of my own existence.

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Dreams – a fiction of our reality

Have you ever thought of what our dreams are based on or to what extend they are able to affect our minds and help us dig a deep insight into our own lives? I have. However, I am still searching for a key to unlock this common mystery, I still can’t find the true answer – do our dreams contain our own destiny, do they reflect on our personal  experiences and expectation or they are just uninvited guests in our “houses”?

Honestly, these questions have always provoked my curiosity to investigate the secret meaning of dreams. Also, I am sure you have sometimes had moments which have certainly awaken some memories and made you think of a certain situation carefully. I dare say that people often underestimate these unimportant at fist time experiences, but they don’t look for answers, they never ask themselves questions such as “Why do I think I have been here before”? or “ Where do I know this guy? Do I know him or I have just had a dream which he took part in? “

Well, it could sound strange, but I believe that the answers of these questions are capable of bringing us clearness and a lot of positive answers… answers which have the power to reveal our destiny… Owh! … I said destiny? Well, however, destiny is another shadow in the deep darkness of our mental cognition or… people just believe it is. Anyway, I mean that it could be possible dreams to be partially related to our unrevealed destiny; perhaps, they have the power to shed a little sparkle of light to our own lives… to our own destiny. Do they can show us the right way?

It’s scientifically proved that most of our dreams are based on our personal feelings, emotions and experiences. It is undoubtedly true that these three factors give stimuli to our fears as well as longings for finding a way to come up in our minds while sleeping. It’s unbelievable how powerful dreams can be, how strongly they are capable of affecting us. However, human beings ain’t strong enough mentally, they are still undeveloped enough to find out every single process that happens in their minds… including their dreams.

Interesting facts:

Ever dream this man?


In January 2006 in New York, the patient of a well-known psychiatrist draws the face of a man that has been repeatedly appearing in her dreams. In more than one occasion that man has given her advice on her private life. The woman swears she has never met the man in her life.

That portrait lies forgotten on the psychiatrist’s desk for a few days until one day another patient recognizes that face and says that the man has often visited him in his dreams. He also claims he has never seen that man in his waking life.

The psychiatrist decides to send the portrait to some of his colleagues that have patients with recurrent dreams. Within a few months, four patients recognize the man as a frequent presence in their own dreams. All the patients refer to him as THIS MAN.

From January 2006 until today, at least 2000 people have claimed they have seen this man in their dreams, in many cities all over the world: Los Angeles, Berlin, SaoPaulo, Tehran, Beijing, Rome, Barcelona, Stockholm, Paris, New Dehli, Moskow etc.

At the moment there is no ascertained relation or common trait among the people that have dreamed of seeing this man. Moreover, no living man has ever been recognized as resembling the man of the portrait by the people who have seen this man in their dreams.

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